Sunday, August 1, 2010

only 4 reasons why I LOVE this girl to the moon and back...

This weekend has been soo much fun... I have had a blast being at home with her and being able to spend one on one time with her... and not to mention she is sooo funny..

Number 1: yesterday, we got her out of the carseat and stood her in the front driver seat (she LOVES this)  and turned the music up .. of course to Rihanna and she said "dance mama" snd jumped up and down for 5 mins straight... I laughed so hard and she kept saying "Dance" looking at me and her daddy....

Number 2: Today @ Wal-Mart.... MaeJae was sitting in the buggy and laughing at me...out of no where she reached up  grabbed my boob and then laughed out loud !!! where does she get this from?.. one guess.. her Daddy!!

Number 3: we were in wal-mart and she was sitting  in the  buggy leaned back with her head upside down waving "HEY " to everyone she saw and SCREAMING "HEY" until they looked at her..

Number 4:  on the way home from Wal-Mart.. Kings of Leon came on and she said "dance mama"  I looked back and she was head banging so hard ... I couldn't do anything but laugh...

What in this world would I do without her???

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