Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1st draft pick

So most of you  know that we are big on baseball in our family.. Cole has chosen to give baseball a break and play decided to play football.. yes .. a shock to Wes and I. But I do believe it is for the best.... a change is sometime a good thing.. The drafts were Monday afternoon... its 95 degrees and the heat index is 110... SERIOUSLY???.. no kid should be running around in this heat!! I was fully prepared for him to be out there in this nasty weather.. I had sunscreen pack and 2 Gatorade's and a bottle of water in the freezer @ 8 am ... and yes, MaeJae and I did follow him around where ever he was at on the field and made sure he had a drink in his hand every time he had a break... Over protective?? naw, just a tiny bit..  We recieved a call  on Tuesday and Cole was chosen as the first pick in the first round out of his age group.... He blew everyone out of  the water  in atheleticability... Way to Go Cole-Train!! Can you say PROUD parents!!  Now, time to go shopping fo rsome Auburn Tigers fabric to make MaeJae some outfits !! Woo Hoo!!

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