Monday, July 27, 2009

10 pounds at 10 Weeks

Today was Marleys 2 month check up. She now is finally in double digits. She weights 10.1 lbs and 21 1/2 in. I can't believe how big she has grown in just the past few weeks. Her facial features seems like they change everyday. Wow... is all tht I can say, 10 weeks old. She looks nothing like she did when she was born. I hae to say everyday is nore challenging but also more fun. She is laughing, smileing, reaching her arms up and she is even drinking apple juice. Next thing you know she will be in preschool. I just get chills all over thinking about it.
Just recenlty we did a photo shoot of the kids. One of my friends is starting out doing photography so I told her that she could take some pictures of the kids for practice. They turned out pretty good. These are some of my favorites!

I Love her chubby cheeks.

And this one. Its her proud PawPaws shoes.
What a smile and such pretty blue eyes!
Cutie Pies!

I also just got the pictures from Ashley, who took our pictures when Marley was born. Let me tell you. This girl spent all day long and night with us. She was there around 11:00am on Sunday and did not leave until around 3:00 the next morning after Marley was born. She took time away from her family and her beautiful little girl to capture these special moments for us and I am so forever greatful to her. By far these are my most precious pictures that I have ever seen.

Daddy sharing the good news.

Me and my father. I think this is the only picture that I have with him.
Nana Kay anxiously waiting for our precious one to get here.

Nana Kay, Aust Savanna and Pop Lee

Pawpaw and Nanny Nickie

The sunset outside our room.

Cole and Daddy waiting foe Maejaes arrival.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today is Mommys birthday! I am 23 years old and couldn't be any happier with my life. I have no degree, I work my but off and every little thing I do to make best for my little family! I love my life as a mother, a step mother, a wife, a sister and a daughter! Marley and I celebrated yesterday by going shopping for Cole and painting our toes together!

Ok, the past couple of months have been quite hectic here at the Crump house. With Baseball ending and with me going back to work, Fathers day, and Fouth of July! Where do I even begin.

The first day I went back to work wasn't so bad because I was ablt to bring you with me. The next friday was the day I just wanted to quit my job and stay at home with you forever. I had to work from 10 until 5 and I was willing to take a chance on granny to come and get you for a couple of hours and take you home. I have never felt so heart broken when she drove away with you. Needless to say I bawled like a little baby. But I knew I had to do this for the both of us. If it wasn't for your Auntie Ashley then I don't know what I would of done. She talked me up and gave me the spirit to carry on through the next two hours.

Fathers day was a real treat for Daddy. Surprisingly Cole was able to spend two weekends in a row with us and we ate it up! It was Daddy's first Fathers day with both of his beautiful children that look just like him. We woke up and ate breakfast, and spent some time together. Later on during the day we went to Pawpaw Charles house and had a cook out. This was the first time that everyone in the Crump family was able to see Marley and was the first time Pawpaw got to hold Miss Marley.