Saturday, August 28, 2010

Daddy turns the big 30 !!

I had been planning a "Surprise"  Birthday party for Wes for the past month.. afterall , you only turn 30 once, right???  Cole was my little partner in crime during this whole month.. He helped me plan the party guest, the idea of getting his Daddy to town without giving away any clues, and the gift.. and yes, my little 8 yr. old kept this a secret for a whole month!!

Needless to say, It was a total surprise to him..


Justin, Paige and Levi

Thank you everyone who made it a total blast!

                                               Kay's masterpiece

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My mom brought MaeJae to me today after work to go to Auntie Ashley's Matilda Jane party.. I was so excited to see her.I missed her soo much .. When I started to drive away from the office MaeJae said "I LOVE YOU MAMA" my heart just melted.. I had tears in my eyes and so much joy in my heart.. I had to call Wes right away to share the news... she has never really put that many words together before.. It is so amazing how a 15 month old shows you their love... Perfect ending to a long day!

This is just a sneak peek from our photo  secion this past weekend with christinavphotography!!
We LOVE her!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1st draft pick

So most of you  know that we are big on baseball in our family.. Cole has chosen to give baseball a break and play decided to play football.. yes .. a shock to Wes and I. But I do believe it is for the best.... a change is sometime a good thing.. The drafts were Monday afternoon... its 95 degrees and the heat index is 110... SERIOUSLY???.. no kid should be running around in this heat!! I was fully prepared for him to be out there in this nasty weather.. I had sunscreen pack and 2 Gatorade's and a bottle of water in the freezer @ 8 am ... and yes, MaeJae and I did follow him around where ever he was at on the field and made sure he had a drink in his hand every time he had a break... Over protective?? naw, just a tiny bit..  We recieved a call  on Tuesday and Cole was chosen as the first pick in the first round out of his age group.... He blew everyone out of  the water  in atheleticability... Way to Go Cole-Train!! Can you say PROUD parents!!  Now, time to go shopping fo rsome Auburn Tigers fabric to make MaeJae some outfits !! Woo Hoo!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

only 4 reasons why I LOVE this girl to the moon and back...

This weekend has been soo much fun... I have had a blast being at home with her and being able to spend one on one time with her... and not to mention she is sooo funny..

Number 1: yesterday, we got her out of the carseat and stood her in the front driver seat (she LOVES this)  and turned the music up .. of course to Rihanna and she said "dance mama" snd jumped up and down for 5 mins straight... I laughed so hard and she kept saying "Dance" looking at me and her daddy....

Number 2: Today @ Wal-Mart.... MaeJae was sitting in the buggy and laughing at me...out of no where she reached up  grabbed my boob and then laughed out loud !!! where does she get this from?.. one guess.. her Daddy!!

Number 3: we were in wal-mart and she was sitting  in the  buggy leaned back with her head upside down waving "HEY " to everyone she saw and SCREAMING "HEY" until they looked at her..

Number 4:  on the way home from Wal-Mart.. Kings of Leon came on and she said "dance mama"  I looked back and she was head banging so hard ... I couldn't do anything but laugh...

What in this world would I do without her???

Cole meets Jason Heyward heard me right.... Cole is 8 yrs old and was able to meet JASON HEYWARD.... How did he get to do this.. well he owes it all to Coach Chester...
The Cartersville High School Baseball team had a fundraiser for the Little League to sell tickets to a braves game at $5 a piece...The top 10 kids who sold the most tickets were able to choose what position they wanted to go to and wait to meet the starting player of their choice and get an autographed ball! and of course the competitive side came out in me... I put up flyers at my office and at Pop Lees salon to help sell the tickets... Cole's mom and I sold over 170 tickets together.... the most out of the entire Little League..
He had an absolute blast! and here are the pics to show..

eating with Dad before going on the field...  Can you say twins or what??

Soooo stoked and waiting patiently....

they introduced Coach Chester as Honorary Team Captain....

running out onto the field...

waiting patiently.... look how little he is out there...

The introduction to Jason Heyward....." And in Left Field tonight..... Cole Crump and  Rookie Jason Heyward"....
20 yr old 6 ft. 5in  235lbs ROOKIE and in the start lineup in the 2010 Allstar game..
Also his first time @ bat in Major League he hit a homerun...

he asked him to sign his baseball...

and then he asked him to take a picture with him daddy's phone.... which he wasn't suppose to take out on the field..

on the big screen

i could of cried because all the joy and happiness I had in my heart for him...

Cole is such a jewel to me and I would do anything in this world for him.... It was good for him to see his mom and I to work together as a team for him.. 
Cole Crump... I LOVE you to the moon and back!