Sunday, August 30, 2009

2 New Milestone and 3 Months Old !

Three months already, Yes I said Three. Can you believe it? My sweet little girl who only weighed 5lbs.13oz when she was a day old now weighs close to 13lbs and is actually getting a little taller. Today has been a new milestone for my little one. I have been debating on putting her in her own crib for the past couple of weeks now. Its not her, Its Mommy and Daddy getting up enough courage to put her in there by herself. Tonight will be the night that we try this out. Wish us luck. The way that MaeJae is growing and changing she will be changing her own diapers , making her own bottles, and giving herself a bath before we know it. I just wish I could record every minute of her life right now. Today my sweet little angel made me act like a little kid today. I mean seriously. I had MaeJae lying in her bed taking pictures of her. I seriously do this every weekend. She LOVES lying on her back looking at and listening to her mobile. This time I had her on her belly and she was holding her head up high. Such a strong girl. I bent down to get her alpha blocks to take some more pictures and the next thing I knew she was lying on her back. It took me a second to realize " Wait, I had her on her belly. SHE ROLLED OVER!" OMG!!! I jumped up and down like a little child getting a huge prize.  I picked her up and she smiled the biggest smile EVER! All gums and no teeth. So Precious! It was like she new she made Mommy so happy. I put her down and ran around the house with tears in my eyes looking for my phone to call Daddy and tell him. I seriously looked for like 3 minutes and it was actually in my hand the whole time. She is growing up so fast. She loves her swing, she actually laughs outloud when you kiss under her two chins and she can find you in the room when she hears your voice .  Her feet are so tickelish.She still stays with her Aunt Cortney during the day and MaeJae Loves her. But there is no other than her daddy. I thinks she loves him the most. She always has her eye on him. I am lucky to of had my video camera charged up to video tape it.

This weekend Cole had his first sleep over at his friends house. Can you believe it? Seven years old already and almost all grown up. I can't believe! He went to the Cartersville and Cass High School football  game Friday night with his friend Harry and then went home to spend the night with him. And yes of course, I didn't want him to go. I wanted to spend my time with him. Selfish...Guilty!  but seeing his face on Saturday morning was all worth it and hearing all about it. He had a blast! He came running in my office grinning from ear to ear with Harry  and his mom right behind him and smelt like staright up Waffle House. I am so proud of him for staying all night and not wanting to come home. He was so happy he got to spend the night.  Life just goes by so fast. Cherish every minute of it and tell your kids and you husband how much you LOVE them every day. Even though when they get older they don't want to hear it. When they are adults, they will cherish every minute of it. I do....... Next thing you  know they will be walking across that stage with their diploma in their hand and walking down that isle with that special man that reminds her of her Daddy!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Weekend we will never forget!

Well Lets see, where do I start. Oh yeah, Friday, the day we get Cole-Train. We started out this weekend with no plans and hopeing to have a fun filled weekend with Cole. Everytime we have Cole, we try to pay more one on one attention to him, don't get me wrong, we do pay attention to out little on as well. On Friday after work, Wes went and picked up Cole and went to get our Jeep fixed. We thought all this stuff was wrong with it. The radio didn't work, the alarm went off when we tried to unlock it with the key, the keyless entry didn't work, and even the alarm sometimes wouldn't go off when we cranked it. How crazy is that? Wes and Cole took it to a good friend Kalin Beavers and replaced the radio and then everything started working. God is good isn't he!HOW AMAZING IS OUR GOD!

On Saturday I had to work until two. I usually bring Marley to work with me so Wes and Cole can have some one on one time together. This time I didn't. By twelve o'clock, I had recieved three photo messages of MaeJae in three different outfits. Wes and cole had been playing dress up with MaeJae all morning long. There is no telling how many outfits they had already put on her. What a wonderful daddy and brother she has. Then Cole decided to put Wes' old suit on that Wes wore when he was 9. Believe it or not, it was actually tight on Cole.The pants were too tight around coles waist and the sleeves were too short. Either the suite shrank or Cole is actually bigger at 7 than Wes was at 9.

Sunday started out as a great day. Wes got an offer to play in a really good baseball team and we were all excited to go watch Daddy play. We were even going to skip church and go since it was far away. At the last minute Daddy decided that he would rather spend the day with us and doing something Cole wanted to do. Wes has the kindest soul and and is the best husband and father to our children I could ever ask for ( Nana Kay, PawPaw and Pop Lee, you tought him well). He always thinks about everyone else before himself. I married the most AMAZING, WONDERFUL man with such a wonderful family and friends. So, We let Cole decide what he wanted to do and of course he wanted to go swimming and to see his cousins. We LOVE to go to Aunt Dars house on Sunday and go swimming. Cole doesn't get to see his cousins much so when we do, we take advantage of it. It was a perfect Sunday afternoon until things were at its worse. My sweet little Cole finally got up enough courage to jump off the diving board ( with floaties on). I was sooo proud of him. Aunt Dar was sitting on the float in the water while each kid took a turn. The first time Cole jumped, he did awesome. The next time was even better. He did a cannon ball! The third time my heart completely stopped. Cole ran down the diving board and jumped far off and hit the water BUT he did NOT pick his head up. He didn't move. He was a limp noodle. I thought for 1 second that he was just playing not even another second passed and I jumped in to get him as fast as I could. I don't think my heart was beating the whole time. I grabbed his arm and was pulling him to the side of the pool towards the ladder. Next thing I knew Wes was right behind me picking his head up out of the water. Wes clearly flew through the air to get to his son. When we got Cole to sit up on the side of the bench his eyes were open but he was not there. He was not responding to us until about 10 seconds later. He shook his head like he was shaking it off and was smileing from ear to ear with Wes and me standing in front of him. He couldn't remember anything execpt jumping off the diving board. Cole seemed just fine after he came too. He kept saying " Daddy, I got knocked out?". The only thing he remembers is jumping off the diving board and waking up out of the pool with Wes and I satnding in front of him asking him if he was ok.

This has had to be the most scariest thing in our lives. To see your child lying there lifeless. Today is Monday, 8.10.09 and all Wes and I can think about is our precious Cole lying there floating in the water. If anyone else had been there not watching him he probablly wouldn't be here today. I thank our Precious God everyday for giving me my life, my children, and my husband and for sending Angels to protect our precious Cole in that water.

This is our Cole-Train Crump.

7 yrs.old. We are so proud of him and everything he does.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This past week hasn't been to nice on us during the night time. Marley has woke up almost every 3 hours and wants to be held ALL night long. I can handle the waking up every 3 hours, its the wanting to be held all night long part that is very difficult. Well, atleast I know that The Good Lord heard our prayers.Last night we slept from 9 pm until 4am. If only this could be every night. But hey, I will even take once every other week.

Today was Coles open house for his second grade year. Wow, is all I can say. I remember him crying for me not to leave his daddys house when he was just 2 and wanting me to play with him allll the time. Where have those precious days gone? I mean your standing there holding him in your arms and the next thing, he is big enough to wear your shoes and to even hold you. He is always putting his feet up to mine to see if they are the same size yet. When we were walking out of the school, Cole grabed my hand and said "Ashley, My shadow is just as big as yours." and looked up at me and just grinned. What a special moment that I will treasure FOREVER. I know that this sound all sappy but, even though I'm not his birth mom, I still Love him and adore him just like he is just mine. Cole is one of the most luckiest kids on this planet. He has four parents that LOVE him and ADORE him more than anyone I know. I am so lucky to have such wonderful kids. My life is totally priceless and wouldn't give anything to change it. Thank you Lord!