Thursday, February 25, 2010

NiNe MoNtHs.......aLrEaDy????

Nine precious things about my sweet MaeJae @ Nine Months

      1. Her vocabulary consists of  Mama, Dada, Buba, Nana, Annie, Hey and she can also put two words together... Hey Dada!!! (Go Figure)
       2. You can call her a rollie pollie.. one minute she is on her back and the next... She is all the way across the room...
       3. She can sit up with ease...
       4.She LOVES to laugh...of course there is never a dull moment @ our house..
       5. Her favorite  food is bananas
       6. She can drink/chew on a sippy cup.. :
       7. She can blow rasberies
The other day Cole and MaeJae were in the back seat laughing and MaeJae starts blowing rasberries and Cole busts out laughing and of course that leads her to continue doing them for about 5 minutes... It was hilarious!!! We all were laughing so hard!
      8. This girl can dance to anything... Anytime there is music on the radio or tv.. MaeJae starts bobbing her head ad gets her whole body into it.. Sooo Sweet.
      9. Lemons are her favorite (human) food...

The list goes on and on. We are so blessed to have such a sweet and funny little girl...Love and Cherish every moment with her!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pooting with Daddy

I have to tell this story because I want to remember it forever.. It shows the precious LOVE between a father and a daughter....
      The other day I had already left for work. So therefore, Wes was being mommy for the morning before my sister (annie) came to take over.... He had already given her a bottle and she was laying on his chest about to fall asleep... she reaches her hand up to touch his face and said "hey dada" and then let out the loudest poot. They both laughed so hard, MaeJae even started coughing she was laughing so hard... What a precious moment to cherish between a fatrher and a daughter... Believe me, this will be the ice breaker when she has a boyfriend/ friend over.. Hehe!

Monday, February 8, 2010

8 yrs Old


    On Janurary 23, 2002 the most precious little man was born..  and no, Im not his birth mother but I LOVE this little boy to the moon and back. I met this little angel when his was 2 yrs old and he stole my heart from day one... and 6 yrs later my heart still belongs to him and his daddy... 6 yrs of amazing Fun, Joy and Love.. something I never thought I could feel.. What else more could I ask for?..

     How do I ever start? I LOVE you to the moon and back.. You are so special to me and your daddy.. I have never met anyone who doesn't comment about your red hair, freckles, how smart or how funny you are. I love our time we spend together and I wouldn't trade it for the world. You blow my mind on how smart you are. I love all the little games you like to play on the way home while riding in the car.. they range from adding large numbers in our head to quizing each other on the bones in the body..and beleive  me you always find a way to stump me..  and yes, I will admit I every now and then I do bring out my old books and do a little research just to make sure I am on the same page as you are.. You are 8 yrs old now and a spitting image of your daddy and I LOVE IT!!!

We had so much fun on your birthday WEEKEND!! Friday @ school Cole recieved 2 big balloons, a card and some candy from his secret admirer.. We still don't know who it is...

Friday night we went to Okinawa to eat with Nana Kay, Pop Lee, and Savanna.. You even told the waiter it was your birthday so they would sing to you... They were so loud you burried your face in your napkin on the table.. and you were so funny... We all went back to the house to eat your cake and open gifts... Little did you know that you would be getting a bestfriend for a very long time for your birthday...The pictures say it all... and his name is Chuwee!

On Saturday we went to your basketball game and your team held the spot for second place.. GO LAKERS!!  We invited a few of your friends to come and play with us @ Stars and Strikes... We had a blast with 2 hrs of  bowling, pizza, lazer tag and playing games..

After Stars and Strikes we took Nana Kay to El Nopal for another  birthday celebration..There is never a dull moment in this family.. The whole dinner Cole had us all laughing.

What and awesome 8th birthday!