Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Halloween, Thanksgiving all in one!

The past  few months have been extremly busy. A little more than usual.. To wrap everything up into one blog would be a little bit time consuming and that I don't have a lot of these days.... So, I am going to shorten it a little... We finished Fall ball with a wonderful first season for the Wild Things..The Gators went undefeated and lost their first game in the SEC championship against Alabama...Lord you should have seen all the GA fans jumping on that Bama bandwagon....A little humerous I should say... Tim Tebow cried and let me tell you, He could cry on my shoulder anyday!


  This Halloween was quite delightful... Cole dressed up as a SWAT guy and MaeJae was a Chunky Monkey ( and when I say Chunky I mean CHUNKY) but she was adoreable.. It was such much fun having both the kids together. We started out going to Tonsmires studio to have pics made and then to the church for the Fall Festival and back home for Pawpaw to come over and eat dinner with us .. 

Cole and MaeJae @ the fall festival

We carved Pumpkin @ Nana Kays and Pop Lees ... and Yes, this is MaeJae inside a pumpkin!

Coles master piece!!!

and later took a bath in the sink for the first time..


We have SOOO much to be Thankful for this year.. God has given us 2 of the most precious children we could ask for.. Our families who stand by us in any time of need and who LOVE us more than ever...and most of all GOD!! What else more could you ask for??? Happy Thanksgiving..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Can we say teefies and "Dada"?

Yes ... the title says it all..... My sweet little girl has offically named her first word "Dada"... and Wes did have something to do with this.. He claims he didn't but everytime I walk out the room he says to MaeJae "say dada"... He thinks I never heard it... Wes was the happiest man I have ever seen and believe me... he rubbed it in as hard as he could...Nice huh? Seeing the smile on his face everytime was worth all the rubbing in he did.. On the same night we discovered that MaeJae tooth finally broke through... Can you say one happy but crying mama.... I NEVER want her to grow up but I guess its all reality right... Time to wake up and smell the coffee Ash!!