Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1 year, 52 weeks , 365 days

Where do I even start.... 1 whole year has already flewn past us...Where did it go?  How do I even out into words how I feel today?

It just seems as we brought you home last week... Why oh Why does it have to go by so fast?
This past year you have brought us so much JOY, EXCITEMENT, TEARS, LAUGHTER all wrapped into one beautiful princess... So much more LIFE than we could ever experience.... There is not one person that you cross by that doesn't comment on how cute you are... Your chubby cheeks, big BROWN eyes with long eyelashes, big hair bows and that smile is to die for...  I LOVE it how you try to act so shy when you meet a new person and burry your head into my chest... (If they only knew).... Your Dad is such a funny person and you, by far have him beat and you don't even know it... We spend most of our time laughing and playing.... Your vocabulary is beyond what is expected for a 1 year old.. It ranges from bye bye , one , momma, dada, gaba, gaba,dog, cat, uh-oh, ball, Cole,buba, dog, Wes, nonono, stop, awwe, ooooo, tickle-tickle, and so many more ...You can clap for buba during his ball games, when you drop your passy on accident (or on purpose) you say uh-oh, you go around the house barking like a dog, meowing like a cat, Hi fives are always a laugh... when we ask you how old you are you hold your finger up and say "ONE".. you can already catch a ball.. (lesson taught from daddy)..you can stand up holding on to something but you perfer to  roll, crawl or dance your way around...you LOVE to hang upside down.. On our way home from ball games in the afternoon you love to sing in the back seat and sometimes when I look back I see the carseat shaking from you dancing..you don't like grass or itchy clothes (tu-tus) .... You are such a Mamas girl and I LOVE it.. Don't get me wrong you still are INLOVE with your daddy... and I do believe you will always be... This is something I hope you cherish forever...my sweet little darling,  we can not thank God anymore than we aleady do for sending our precious Angel to us.. your Mama, Dada and Cole, (dooley and chuwee),Neno, Nanny Paula and Papee, Jason and Aunnie,Nana Kay, Pop Lee and Savanna, Pawpaw, Nanny Nikki and the kids LOVE you more than you will ever know... they are you bestfriends and will always be...

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