Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Road Trip

Today MaeJae and I went to go see my grandmother(Neno) in Hiawasee. MaeJae and Coles Great Grandmother... Now that MaeJae is older she doesn't sleep as much so, I was afraid she would get bored on the way. Believe it or not.. She slept the whole way there..She was a perfect angel. (just like always).  On the way home it was a different story... (getting lost in Resaca, time to eat, and a poopie diaper).. Oh the joys of motherhood.

There are not enough words in the dictionary and even different languages added together to describe how I feel about this lady.. This lady ,excuse me, WOMAN  has raised me, showed me the greatest amount of love possible ,lived the truth and trusted the Lord with all her heart... sniff, sniff... she gave her best at everything she did..If you told her she was too small and she wasn't strong enough to do something, she would prove you wrong.(( I wonder where I get that from? Sorry Wes, You can blame it on Neno)) This lady did not have to raise me or my mother or my Uncle, or my baby cousin...But, She did.. She put all selfishness aside and put everyone in front of herself.. She adopted my mother and Uncle Dooley when they were little and raised them.. In my opinion she kept rasing my mom..(j/k.. this lady is so full of life even @ 82)..She worked 2-3 jobs just to make ends meet and still made time for her family and made sure they knew she loved them dearly.... This lady is an angle sent from Heaven.

             Just this past December my family made the hard decision to put her in a nursing home where she could get the one on one attention she needed. This was a huge step for us. We all wanted to take care of her but couldn't give her the one on one attention she needs. I truely believe you mad the right decision Aunt Nene.. She is so happy. This is the old  Neno  I want to remember forever..The loving, unselfish, beautiful, dancing Neno that means the world to me...

    When MaeJae and I walked into the nursing home and saw her in the cafeteria it was the best feeling in the world. She looked at me and she knew that I was there for her but she couldn't remember who I was.. But thats ok, I still made her smile just like always.. I LOVE watching her smile. MaeJae loved her. Of course Neno kept trying to make her laugh and it doesn't take much to make her laugh..I can't explain the feeling I felt watching 2 of the most important people in my life interact with each other. We had a great time catching up with Aunt Nene and Uncle Grady.

                                         MaeJae LOVED Uncle Grady.. He carried her all over the place!

and we LOVE Neno sooo much....She even made sure she put her lipstick on..

4 generations.. Aunt Nene, me, MaeJae, and Neno...
(ps. Neno always teases Aunt Nene because she has more white hair than she does.. hehe)

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  1. soooo sweet... Im sure Neno was sooooo happy to see yall! she loves you so much!