Thursday, February 25, 2010

NiNe MoNtHs.......aLrEaDy????

Nine precious things about my sweet MaeJae @ Nine Months

      1. Her vocabulary consists of  Mama, Dada, Buba, Nana, Annie, Hey and she can also put two words together... Hey Dada!!! (Go Figure)
       2. You can call her a rollie pollie.. one minute she is on her back and the next... She is all the way across the room...
       3. She can sit up with ease...
       4.She LOVES to laugh...of course there is never a dull moment @ our house..
       5. Her favorite  food is bananas
       6. She can drink/chew on a sippy cup.. :
       7. She can blow rasberies
The other day Cole and MaeJae were in the back seat laughing and MaeJae starts blowing rasberries and Cole busts out laughing and of course that leads her to continue doing them for about 5 minutes... It was hilarious!!! We all were laughing so hard!
      8. This girl can dance to anything... Anytime there is music on the radio or tv.. MaeJae starts bobbing her head ad gets her whole body into it.. Sooo Sweet.
      9. Lemons are her favorite (human) food...

The list goes on and on. We are so blessed to have such a sweet and funny little girl...Love and Cherish every moment with her!

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