Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This past week hasn't been to nice on us during the night time. Marley has woke up almost every 3 hours and wants to be held ALL night long. I can handle the waking up every 3 hours, its the wanting to be held all night long part that is very difficult. Well, atleast I know that The Good Lord heard our prayers.Last night we slept from 9 pm until 4am. If only this could be every night. But hey, I will even take once every other week.

Today was Coles open house for his second grade year. Wow, is all I can say. I remember him crying for me not to leave his daddys house when he was just 2 and wanting me to play with him allll the time. Where have those precious days gone? I mean your standing there holding him in your arms and the next thing, he is big enough to wear your shoes and to even hold you. He is always putting his feet up to mine to see if they are the same size yet. When we were walking out of the school, Cole grabed my hand and said "Ashley, My shadow is just as big as yours." and looked up at me and just grinned. What a special moment that I will treasure FOREVER. I know that this sound all sappy but, even though I'm not his birth mom, I still Love him and adore him just like he is just mine. Cole is one of the most luckiest kids on this planet. He has four parents that LOVE him and ADORE him more than anyone I know. I am so lucky to have such wonderful kids. My life is totally priceless and wouldn't give anything to change it. Thank you Lord!

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