Thursday, June 17, 2010

2010 7&8 A Hurricane Allstar team

This year has been filled with so much excitement  in the Crump family.. and this update is just one to add to the bundle... This year was Cole-Trains first year in the Cartersville Little League program...Their team (Pirates) finished 8th in the season and finished 5th in the tournament....  At the end of the season Cole was voted in by the coaches to be on the A Allstar team... Let me just say this, He is so PROUD to be a Hurricane.. This kid bleeds  purple and Gold...

This past weekend was the first weekend as an Allstar team to play  in  the District tournament.. We have been at the ballfields Friday @ 8 vs. Rome- Cartersville,Saturday @ 10 vs Rockmart - Cartersville , Sunday @ 2 vs Cedartown- Cedartown, Monday @ 8 vs Rockmart- Cartersville, Tuesday @ 8 vs. Rockmart- Rockmart and today was the championship vs. Rockmart the outcome of the last game is sad to say but it is Rockmart... These boys played as a team and played with their hearts.

It is such an honor as a parent to watch these boys play with so much love in their hearts for the game of baseball..

2010 7&8 Allstar Roster

Logan Cagle
Connor Cigelske
Cole Crump
Chris Davis
Brady Evans
Jonah Gambill
Clay Ross
John Shropshire
Caz Smith      
Kaison Williams                                  2010 District Runner up Champions
Chanc Willis             
Zachary Wilson
Manager: Tony Evans                
Coaches: Donny Cagle, Mike Ross, Stephen Smith

                                             Way to go Hurricanes...

and this is only ONE of Cole-Train's many cheerleaders...

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