Sunday, January 3, 2010

7 Months

I am a little late on doing the past few months but when do we ever slow down???
 MaeJae has changed so much in the past few months. Happy but Sad all in one! MaeJae has to have the floor at all times.. The word that describes her the most is nosy... She will do what ever she can to look @ you.. Wes calls her an owl b/c she can turn her neck almost all they way around.. Shes PERFECT what else can we say..This girl is spoiled rotten.. Staying with Aunt Cortney 5 days a week has its benefits... I know my sweet little angel will be rotten to the core but I know that she is in the best care possible sine I can not be here. MaeJae LOVES her mouth and LOVES to put EVERYTHING in her mouth.. Hands.. feet ( no more toe painting :-( ... remote controls.. phones.. etc.. She still loves her swing and her brother... There is no way for me to describe the way she feels about her brother.... She can be in the worst mood and all he has to do is walk by her and her face just lights up the world... I hope they Stay close as they get older.. MaeJae still has not been sick... She has only had a cold for about a week and it quickly went away.. Still no fever and no antibiotics...YAY!!! She does get her monthly adjustments from our
Chiropractors... She still sleeps in her own bed. She goes to sleep between 8-9 and wakes up 6-8..and she sleeps like an angel... She is now baby foods as well as her bottle.. Bananas are her favorite!!  We LOVE this girl to the moon and back!

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