Tuesday, February 10, 2009

6 & Under Hawks Are Undefeated!!!

Today we had the best game of the year! Everyone played their hardest they have played all year. I have not seen my husband so excited in a long time. Coaching Coles sports to him
is like peanutbutter and jelly going together , strawberries on top of strawberry shortcake or even the cherry on top of a sunday. He absolutley LOVES it. Seeing him so happy to be out on that basketball court with his son makes me realize what life is all about. Its being happy with the ones you LOVE and spending time being a role model to the ones who look up to you. There are children in this world who don't have anyone to look up to and to see my husband out there doing what he does best (besides plumbing) makes me the happiest wife and step mom in the entire world.

Dear Wes,

It is a true blessing to be your wife. I LOVE every minute of it. I mean EVERY minute. I can't get enough of the love that you give me. I followed the road that God left for me, you and our love for each other is what I found. Our faith and trust in each other can climbed mountains. I LOVE sharing every minute of my life with you and Cole. In just a couple of months we will have ourself a little Marley Crump and our family will be just a wee little bit bigger and a whole lot more LOVE.